AT&T DIGITAL LIFE Controler (Concept)

Concept design for AT&T's Digital Life. Creating the future of home automation

AT&T Digital Life Concept Designs
The good people at AT&T Digital Life allowed me the opportuinity to work on a concept design for their new line of AT&T branded in-home devices. I was given free reign to create a new look for the next generation of in-home automation products.  These high level designs were concepted to encourage a new initiative in AT&T branded devices, most likely they will never make it to market.  But the idea was to get the juices flowing and build internal (Digital Life) hype. The end result was a large showcasing at Digital Life headquarters in Atlanta Georgia and movement toward production. Still months out, the initiative is well underway.
I used this opportuinity to explore 3D modeling and product design and further illustrative realism in adobe illustrator. With the complexities of product design and the strict restraints of device-specific requirements and budget constraints we were able to create a uniformed look and feel that could be applied to future product generations.  
As stated before these concepts will likely not make it to market, but all designs and products are owned by 
Basic shapes created in illustrator
Further detail added in illustrator
Various colors
Detailed Illustration
The Digital Life Controler  concept render
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